Why Walk

Walks Abound On New Years Day

1 January 2013

Perfect Winter Walking Weather Sunshine spilled into my bedroom through the gap in the curtain and I smiled, knowing a long walk would be my New Year Day activity of choice. Blue sky, a little frost and 42° in the sun made a lot of people feel the same way, apparently. In all my years […]

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Don’t Feel As Old As You Look

15 April 2012

That’s not to say that you don’t look good but it’s time to face the facts folks, each of us gets older every year. Plus, once you’re past the child-bearing years mother nature is not your friend. Does that sound harsh? Sorry, it’s a harsh world and sometimes you have to be cruel to be […]

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Free Watershed Walks Program

1 March 2012

Grant Money From The Mountaineers Foundation Make The Watershed Walks Program Possible, And It’s FREE! In collaboration with Feet First and Camp Long, the Watershed Walks Program provides an enjoyable way for people to learn about the relationship between their actions and a clean environment. It provides participants an opportunity to experience their environment and […]

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Walking is a Gateway Drug

10 June 2010

I began walking about 6 years ago after I realized I was in my middle years and that my body was changing. Weight I had never carried in excess began to creep onto my frame and I could no longer get away with physical neglect. Outright abuse such as eating poorly and imbibing began to […]

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Strategy Two: Open Your Heart and Increase Your Bandwidth

3 June 2010

Reciprocity, helpfulness, loving others or opening your heart is a concept that‘s getting a lot of attention lately, especially in the blogosphere. Lots of people are talking about moving from a me, me, me mentality to a WE perspective which requires a shift in thinking and vigilance to maintain it. A WE perspective is not […]

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Strategy One: Embrace Yourself and Increase Your Bandwidth

28 May 2010

Middle age is officially defined as that time between young adulthood and old age, 35 to 65. Thanks largely to an increased life expectancy these boundaries have been stretched. In 2011 3.5 million Americans will turn 65-years-old. They will be the first wave of Baby Boomers to exit their middle years. Though I hate to be […]

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Walking is a Big Deal

23 May 2010

As I’ve aged I realize the health of my body requires attention and effort and that I need to move my body regularly. That’s a nice way of saying middle age is spreading and unless I want to be stiff and feeble before my time or look like a sedentary auntie I need to take […]

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