Stairway Walks Day 2013

by Connie DeLaVergne on February 10, 2013

If the Bellevue walk was any indication Stairway Walks Day 2013, with 15 walks taking place simultaneously across the region, was a big success.

12 stairway walkers climb 163 steps at Kelsey Creek FarmIn support of Feet First and the book Seattle Stairway Walks, 12 people participated in the Bellevue walk and are seen here climbing the first flight of a 163 step stairway that connects the wooded slopes of Kelsey Creek Farm to nearby neighborhoods.

Second flight of stairs at Kelsey Creek FarmHere we are on the second flight of stairs, concentrating on the climb at hand and letting conversation lag.

When I’m with a friend I do my best listening on this part of the walk.

Kelsey Creek Farm stepsOne or two more short flights of steps and we’re at the top of the forested hillside and finished with the most strenuous part of the Bellevue walk.

Whenever I walk this route, I do the 163 Kelsey Creek Farm steps first and get it out of the way, everything thereafter feels a cake walk.

(I haven’t been on a cake walk in a long time. That sounds like fun!)

pipeline valve near Kelsey Creek FarmHere’s Karen taking a photo op with a valve, an Olympic Pipe Line valve.

According to the Seattle Stairway Walks guide,

Olympic Pipe Line Company runs gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel through pipelines between Blaine, Washington and Portland, Oregon…

forested slopes of Kelsey Creek Farm parkAfter 163 steps and a small portion of the Pipe Line Trail, we head downhill through the forested slopes of Kelsey Creek Farm.

It’s an invigorating walk through the trees with the sound of stream replacing traffic noise. I am always amazed by the secluded beauty of this wooded trail in the heart of Bellevue, so close to town. . .

. . . and serene, just the way I like my walks.

toward the barns of Kelsey Creek FarmAfter finishing with the hillside, we decide to take a left turn and visit the barn animals.

Kelsey Creek Farm SheepArriving well after breakfast, the animals weren’t much interested in what we had to say. This well-fed little sheepy, for example, didn’t look up from his grazing after pestering him with oohs and ahhs for 5 full minutes.

Over the years I’ve noticed the barn animals are much more receptive to humans before they’ve been fed, around 8:30 in the morning. 

walkers viewing sheep at Kelsey Creek FarmHere we are taking five to rest, converse with each other and gaze at the grazing sheep who completely ignored us.

Kelsey Creek Farm barns and pasturesLynda came to the walk with two of her pooches, which was fine except pets aren’t allowed in the barn area. She took the path around the barns and waited for us below.

She and another walker are in the foreground of this shot with the Kelsey Creek barns and pastures in the background. The sky looks fairly dramatic but we only experienced a light sprinkling of rain for a short time on our 2 hour walk, I’m delighted to report. 

walking onward to Wilburton ParkWhen the Kelsey Creek portion of the walk ended, all but 3 people followed me to the “little-known back trail” and a trek to Wilburton Park.

This part of the trail is also wooded with nicely barked trails. It runs north and south passing behind Bellevue’s International School and winds up at the swings of Wilburton Park.

From there we decided against going to Bellevue Botanical Gardens because pets are not allowed in the gardens and as I said, we had two little dogs in our company.

We made a pit stop at the bathrooms instead, walked around Wilburton’s baseball diamonds and through the second growth forest of Wilburton Park.

Three or four short blocks of residential neighborhood later and we were back where we started from…

in the north parking lot of Kelsey Creek Farm, a gem of a park in Bellevue, Washington and one of my all time favorites.

A hearty THANK YOU to everyone who joined me for this walk.

Your company was delightful and I hope you’ll walk with me again.
In the meantime . . .

Walk On my friends.
Walk On!



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Julie Scharlin February 10, 2013 at 10:02 pm

This was a great walk. Thanks for leading it Connie. Hope to meet up again soon for more walks.


Connie DeLaVergne February 10, 2013 at 10:14 pm

Thanks Julie:-) and you’re most welcome.
Kelsey Creek Farm parking lot, 3rd Sunday of every month at 2:00PM, beginning February 17. . . Whenever you can make it.


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