Walks Abound On New Years Day

by Connie DeLaVergne on January 1, 2013

Bellevue, WA, 2013 New Years Day The City Of Bellevue

Perfect Winter Walking Weather

Sunshine spilled into my bedroom through the gap in the curtain and I smiled, knowing a long walk would be my New Year Day activity of choice.

Blue sky, a little frost and 42° in the sun made a lot of people feel the same way, apparently.

In all my years of walking I’ve never seen so many people out and about in Bellevue, Washington. Granted it was a holiday and the weather ideal, but everywhere I looked people were walking with their friends and their families, or enjoying a run or stroll on their own. It was refreshing to see.

People walking in Bellevue park

Perhaps we are more becoming more health conscious

I know I am. Best of all, everyone was smiling, saying hello as I passed with my husband, loving the outdoors, and happy to be alive.

Warms my heart and brings hope for the New Year.

walking in bellevue, WA

So many people were outside today that I snapped photos from my car to prove it.

walking in Wilburton neighborhood
I saw friends, entire families and seniors. . .

couple walking in Bellevue
joggers, dog walkers, teenagers and couples holding hands.

mother and daughter walking in Bellevue
This mother and daughter made me wish I had redeemed the
“Good-For-1-Walk” coupon my daughter made a few Mays ago.

walking home in bellevue
Returning home to a warm fire, fine food and a loving family makes a nice winter walk complete.


magical afternoon light in the Northwest
The long and short of it is, you cannot stay indoors in the Pacific Northwest when there are afternoon views like this to behold.

view of Seattle from Bellevue
Or views of Seattle and the snow-capped Olympics.

The Cascade Mountains from Bellevue
To the east of Bellevue are the Cascade Mountains. There wasn’t a lot of snow on them today.

But it’s only the first of January.

Walk On my friends.
Walk On!



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