FUN Friday WOIB Walks

by Connie DeLaVergne on October 12, 2012

Group WOIB Walk leader

The best thing about Friday morning WOIB Walks is they take place AS IS.

I’m a walking testimonial…

Crawl out of bed, throw on some exercise clothes, head out the door. No need to shower or spruce up to get a little self-care out of the way.

Kelsey Creek flows

Just Get in the flow of exercising regularly.

We meet in the Kelsey Creek Farm parking lot on Friday mornings at 8:30 AM and explore some of the best parks in Bellevue.

kelsey creek farm scare crow and connie

Sometimes we make new friends along the way.

scare crow friends at kelsey creek farm

Other times a bunch of us show up to walk.

connie with scarecrows at kelsey creek farm

Playful distractions are not uncommon.

pumpkin patch at Kelsey Creek Farm

The bounties of nature are colorful and inspiring.

sheep dressed for autumn at kelsey creek farm

And seeing old friends in new clothes is a kick!

welcome to kelsey creek farm

That’s why Kelsey Creek Farm is one of our favorite parks.

Join us for a Friday morning WOIB Walk.


Walk on my friends.
Walk on!


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