Bellevue’s Lake to Lake Walk 2012

by Connie DeLaVergne on September 16, 2012

It’s A Tradition

For three years in a row I’ve participated in the City of Bellevue’s annual Lake to Lake Walk (L2L). One year it fell on my birthday and a bunch of my friends walked with me. That was fun.

Bellevue's Lake to Lake Walk starts here (the Lake 2 Lake Walk starts here)

Last year I was a full time employee and I had to squeeze it into a busy week.

mercer slough blueberry farm/Bill Pace Produce (mercer slough blueberry farm | Bill Pace Produce)

This year my husband and I participated and though attendance in general was down, the weather was perfect and physically speaking, it was my best walk yet. It was remarkably easier than the year before.

Same route, same 9.3 miles but I didn’t get a blister, I was never winded, and I didn’t tire. I could’ve walked another 15 kilometers.

Weighing 22 pounds less than the year before must’ve made the difference for me.

Go ahead, call me Watson, but if you’re carrying around extra weight you, too, might be amazed at how much easier and enjoyable it is to walk without the excess baggage.

the ascent at Weowna Park (the weowna park ascent)

Even the steep climb at the beginning of the walk (Weowna Park at Lake Sammamish) was noticeably easier for me. Steve and I started out strong and easily stayed ahead of the small pack, until I started taking a lot of pictures, that is.

spider web at weowna park (weowna’s web)

After climbing to the top of hill one, I couldn’t resist taking this photograph. Spider season’s in full force and I love the way light bounces off her web.

spider web close up (grateful I didn’t walk face first into this one)

Front and center, this golden spider awaits her next meal. Or maybe she’s still asleep. Either way I was grateful her web was high and didn’t attach to my face as I passed by.

giant cedar remains (remains of a giant cedar)

This old cedar fell in about 2006, according to a blog post I wrote in 2010. Every time I walk by it gets smaller and more beautiful.

Lake to Lake trail (part of the Lake to Lake trail)

After climbing out of Weowna Park, we head west toward Lake Washington. This path is part of the L2L trail and is frequented on weekends by young families.

kelsey creek farm trail (Kelsey Creek Farm trail)

I know I’ve taken a lot of photographs because other L2L walkers are close behind. In this picture we’ve come out of the Kelsey Creek Farm woods and are rounding a bend behind the barn and pastures.

cows graze at Kelsey Creek Farm (grazing cows at Kelsey Creek Farm)

These big guys didn’t even look up from their grazing when we passed. Of course if they had they still might not have seen us over the tall grass.

wilburton park, Bellevue WA. (skirting Wilburton Park on the L2L trail)

With Steve in front, we skirt the Wilburton Park playground as kids line up for the mini zip line. One of the girls must think she’s at the movie theater because she’s picking her seat;-)

wilburton soccer field (busy soccer field at Wilburton Park)

Soccer is a popular sport and as you can see plenty of people enjoy the artificial turf at Wilburton Park.

Bellevue Botanical Gardens (rounding the Botanical Gardens perimeter)

The L2L walk brushes past the front of Bellevue’s┬ábeaUtiful Botanical Gardens. This walk doesn’t pass through the Gardens but it’s worth a visit sometime because the different gardens are gorgeous all year round and the new suspension bridge is a remarkable structure.

Had I known in advance that I would’ve had extra energy this day, I would have segued through the Gardens. Oh, well, there’s always next year.

lake to lake walk participant (fast propulsion to catch up with the family)

At the Botanical Gardens, this L2L walker finally passed us. He said he was motivated to catch up with his wife and daughter who were deposited by the shuttle at the 6 mile mark, before he was dropped off at Weowna Park.

Walk On In Bell WA walker (me ahead of Steve, and without the camera)

The end of the walk is nigh. This is the noisy part of Bellevue’s L2L walk as we do a little street walking, parallel to 405.

mercer slough park (the last park, mercer slough)

One last park to go before we return to our starting point, and the Mercer Slough is a great one, another favorite.

mercer slough board walk (mercer slough board walk)

One of the reasons I like this park so much is because of the waterways we get to move through and experience by way of the board walks.

kayaks on the mercer slough (kayaks on the mercer slough)

On a sunny day you can see the Bellevue skyline in the distance and kayaks before you.

City of Bellevue from the Mercer Slough (City of Bellevue from the Mercer Slough)

It never ceases to amaze me that I can be in the center of a natural space and have the City of Bellevue so close at the same time.

mercer slough S curves (the Mercer Slough S Curves)

When you reach The Mercer Slough S Curves, you know this 9.3 mile walk is almost finished.

backside of Bill Pace Fruit & Produce (backside of Bill Pace Fruit & Produce)

The backside of Bill Pace Produce is the finishing line and brings us back where we started.

bellevue blueberry field (bellevue blueberry field)

A quick glance east presents one beautiful and lasting impression of the City of Bellevue’s amazing park system ~ the blueberry farm of Mercer Slough.

Next year I’ll do Bellevue’s Lake to Lake Walk again. I understand it’s going to take place in August for a change.

Will you join me?

Walk on my friends.
Walk On!

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