Thursday NoShows.

by Connie DeLaVergne on December 17, 2010

Nine days before Christmas is a busy time of year for most people and Pacific Northwest weather can be less than inviting about now.

I understand why nobody showed for our Thursday morning walk yesterday.

The frog prince christmas ornament

The Frog Prince, a DeLaVergne ornament

It makes perfect sense to me because trust me when I tell you it was difficult getting my girth out of the car to walk yesterday myself, and I LOVE to walk.

There have been a number of occasions in the last week or so that I opted out of walking—like during the Pineapple Express we just experienced, for example. I don’t generally mind a little rain when I walk but torrential downpours almost always find me opting for indoor exercise.

That said, I found myself surprisingly rejuvenated after forcing myself to walk in yesterday’s gray cold morning and I wanted to share that with my readers.

To tell you the truth, Steve and I almost turned the car around in the Kelsey Creek parking lot after realizing nobody else would show for our weekly 7:45 AM walk, but we braced ourselves against the cold and stepped outside of the van instead. Just after the first incline I noticed the chill on my legs was gone and I was actually warm after the first set of 166 steps. It was then that I paused, not just to catch my breath, but to notice how much better I felt.

Numerous trees, swiftly running creeks, fresh air, movement, cows, goats, the pig Joy, sheep wearing clothes, a boisterous rooster and conversation with my husband all led to an improved sense of well being. Call it Nature’s Bounty if you want but the health effects of being outside really surprised me. I felt wonderful, so much better than I had in the van but most surprising of all, I felt gratitude.

Grateful I made myself walk on another gray morning when I thought that I’d rather not.

Boy was I ever wrong!

Walk on my friends.

Walk On!

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