C-U Shortly

by Connie DeLaVergne on July 4, 2010

2.50 miles
45-50 minutes
1 2
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
5625 steps
199 kcals
Wilburton Hill Park
Bellevue Botanical Garden

C-U Shortly is a 45-minute walking route created for City University staff and faculty who want exercise and time-for-food in a lunch hour.

City University

Be glad and proud of yourself for taking time to walk, it’s like putting money into a high yield bank account—your health will grow with each deposit or step you take.

Did you know that walking is the gateway to an active, healthy lifestyle?

It begins with an occasional walk at lunch, which in time becomes a daily walk and before you know it, you’re walking after work and taking day hikes on the weekend. The good news is physical activity will become a priority in your life because it makes you feel better—the payoff is BIG to be sure!

When walking and hiking become a form of entertainmentand in time it did for me—that’s when you know you got it good. You are now habituated to health and fitness and if it can happen to me, it can happen to anybody!

Pat yourself on the back for being responsible and choosing C-U Shortly.

Each of the C-U Walking Routes on this site have been timed and measured from the CityU parking lot, or from the front of the main building.

Your individual time will vary; of course, it depends on how fast you walk. If you find yourself finishing early, the next time you walk C-U Shortly add a loop through Bellevue Botanical Garden, it’s up to you and your energy level on any particular day. That’s the beauty of walking—there aren’t any rules—but it’s important to pay attention.

Listen to your body and take good care of it.

Slow down if you feel strained. Speed up when a regular walking route gets easy. If you walk with a group, which I highly recommend, you can inspire and challenge each other to pick up the pace and increase your distance and ultimately the benefits to your health.

And that’s the important thing, because without your health, what’ve ya got?

bird on 11811 building

Let’s begin: Cross NE 1 ST and walk into the 11811 A parking lot straight ahead and onto the small ivy trail in the SW corner. Cross Main ST and pick up the gravel trail, following it eastward.

Take the first Right into the Botanical Garden (Botan) and then a quick Left which will lead you above and around the rock garden. When you reach the courtyard go Left, down the steps and Right at the kiosk leading out of Botan and around the parking lot.

football practice on a soccer field

When the parking lot trail ends turn Right and pick up the gravel Lake to Lake Trail which bends and heads eastward. On your left will be the new soccer field that on this particular day found the Bellevue High football team practicing formations, as my husband would say.


Stay right(ish) past the Wilburton (Willy) kiosk heading forward and go Left at the Y. Go Left again at the next Y heading north past the playground and toward the baseball diamond.

A Willy Madrone

Follow the bollard up the hill toward NE 2. At Y go Right around the baseball field and then a Left into the woods.

At the Y inside the woods go Straight toward 128 Ave. Next Y go Right toward playgrounds.  Left at next Y and Right at the Y after that toward Botan.  When you reach the gravel trail go Left heading east.

wooded trail

At 128 Ave SE turn Right toward KC and the Lake to Lake Trail. Turn Right on SE 4 PL and pick up soft bark trail at the end of the street between the red diamonds.

au naturel

At the T follow the wooded trail Right which will bring you back to Willy where you will take the gravel trail Left in front of the kiosk and back the way we came past the soccer field. When you reach the Botan parking lot turn Right and walk through it to reach Main Street. Our time is almost up so we need to bypass the gardens.

heading back

Go Left on Main Street and pick up the gravel trail and follow it westward. At the end of the gravel trail cross Main Street and pick up the small ivy trail that will bring you into the parking lot across the street from City University. Head north to get back to campus.

I hope you enjoyed this walk. I know I did.

Walk on my friends.

Walk On!

If you enjoyed the walking route, C-U Shortly, please share it with your friends and colleagues. Encourage your friends to walk with you and try some of the other WalkOn InBellWA walking routes. C-U Later is a slightly longer walk that takes about an hour.

Join us for a Group Walk some time, they are posted in the sidebar for easy reference and please spread the word!

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