C-U Later

by Connie DeLaVergne on June 25, 2010

3.0 Miles
1 hour
1 2
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
6578 Steps
226 kcals
Wilburton Hill Park
Kelsey Creek Farm
Bellevue Botanical Garden

This is a beautiful and easy 60-minute walking route that I created for City University through some of Bellevue’s best parks!

It’s intended for City University staff, faculty and students who want to move their bodies regularly. A convenient, easy and free way to do that is by walking for exercise. You might like to walk in the morning before your workday begins or maybe you like to exercise at the end of your day. Perhaps you prefer walking during lunch. It doesn’t matter when you walk as long as you do it.

Sound familiar?

You know it does because it’s true and if you’re prepared you’ll have your Nikes with you today. Or maybe you have a pair in your desk drawer. If you’re not prepared now you CAN be tomorrow because this site and this walking trail aren’t going anywhere. That’s your job. The directions will be here when you’re ready. No pressure.

But you owe it to yourself to make healthy choices and one of those is to move your body regularly.

You know, exercise.

For CityU folks it couldn’t be easier to go for a walk in a beautiful setting because there are three AMAZING City of Bellevue parks mere blocks from campus.

This walk, affectionately referred to as C-U Later, will take an hour if you walk a
20-minute-mile, less if you step it up and longer, of course, if you take a leisurely stroll.

The walking speed is up to you, and any pace is good so please join me . . .

Are you ready? Let’s go . . . Leave City University campus in Bellevue and Cross NE 1 ST to enter the parking lot directly across the street (building 11811 A) and head toward the SW corner where you will find a well-worn trail through the ivy. Follow it to Main Street and then Cross Main Street carefully to pick up the gravel path in front of you, follow it Left. Take the first Right into the Botanical Gardens and then a quick Left at the Y. Continue Right above the rock garden to the courtyard . Go Left, down the steps, and out of the courtyard. Turn Right at the kiosk to pick up the gravel path that goes around the parking lot.

I’m not going to include a trip through Bellevue Botanical Garden on this walk because it’s so convenient and accessible to CityU we can go there when we’re short on time. For this walk, since we have an hour to spend, I’ll take you some place a little different that’s further away, very nice, and less well-known.

When the path around the parking lot ends turn right and follow the new gravel path to the Right and around to the Left.

spanking new soccer field

The new artificial soccer field will be on your left.
Head east toward Wilburton Hill Park (Willy). Go R at the Willy kiosk.

Willy's little Unwind Trail

Go Right again on the small barked path heading south. In August the blackberry bushes on your left here will need some picking, just saying.

This path leads into a beautiful wooded ravine that feels remote, like camping, and if you’re anything like me you find it rejuvenating to be in nature, hence the reason I like the woods so much and include as many as I can in my walks. This quiet, little trail is especially nice because it’s centrally located and not frequently used.
It’s a great way to boost your spirits in the middle of a long day, if you know what I mean . . . We could call it the Unwind Trail.

At Y go Right. (*Go Left into neighborhood instead if Bellevue public schools are in session.)

new bridge

Cross the newly built bridge.
At next Y go left.
At gravel T go Left. This path will lead you to the backside of Bellevue’s International School. (If school is in session, I recommend going Left a few directions back—see asterisk–and head east until 128 and turn right where you can continue this walk. See double asterisk below.)

this was a one bunny walk (we only saw one)

Go left at the Honey Buckets and up the road to the track.

If you want to throw in some serious cardio work, take a couple of laps around the track—4 times around is a mile, ya know. I’ll wait.

Stay left as you walk through the IS parking lot.
**Go Right on 128 Ave SE.
Left on SE 7 PL, heading east.
Cross 13 PL SE and enter Kelsey Creek Park (KC). This is one of my favorite parks. There are farm animals, steps and switchback-like trails in the woods but there isn’t time for that on this walk. I do recommend exploring it later though. My KC Willy Botan walk can help with that, a number of my walks can actually.

As far as walking for exercise goes, what worked for me is to begin walking as often as you can. Squeeze in a short walk (15-30 minutes) twice a day or more if you can find the time. Take a walk on your break or at lunch and again after dinner in your neighborhood. The more you walk, the more enjoyable it becomes and before you realize it, walking will be a part of your daily life and a form of entertainment (hard to imagine but it’s true) especially if you walk in beautiful places.

There are so many benefits to walking I can’t encourage you strongly enough to just start walking—it’s good for your body and your heart because it will help you get to know your community and your neighborhood better and it will help you get closer to the people you walk with, your spouse, your child, a friend. Walking is free and you just can’t over do it . . .

It’s difficult to get too much exercise. Really really difficult.

Shall we continue walking . . .

Go Left on the KC gravel path.
At 4-way gravel intersection continue heading north, or straight.
Cross SE 4PL and head west on sidewalk.
Cross 128 Ave SE at crosswalk and turn Right.
Take first Left into Wilburton Hill Park. It is a wide gravel path with a trail bollard.

Willy's woods

Very soon thereafter take a right onto a barked trail and further into the woods.

Left at T toward Ball Fields.
Go Right at Y.
At T go Left following bollard toward Ball Fields.
Go straight at next bollard, again toward Ball Fields and follow the trail outside of the woods and around Wilburton’s baseball diamond.

At Y go right downhill and cross 124 Ave NE exiting Wilburton Hill Park. Follow paved path west. Cross the street to the north side when the paved path ends and continue heading west. Follow the paved path right into a parking lot heading north then west to cross at the stop sign and turn Right to NE 1 ST (north again) which after you cross NE 1 ST carefully and turn left on the sidewalk, will bring you back to CityU where you started approximately 60 minutes ago.

Good job. That’s a great way to spend an hour of your time, and nobody deserves it more. Thank you for joining me.

Walk on my friends.

Walk On!

Please share this walk, C-U Later, with your colleagues and friends and let me know what you think of it with a comment below. I really appreciate comments, it’s like a vote of confidence or a sound high-five for a job well done. They make me smile. If you’re in the mood for  a shorter walk, try C-U Shortly, it’s about a 45-minute walk.

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