Skyridge Rollercoaster + Kelsey Creek Woods

by Connie DeLaVergne on May 26, 2010

2.5 Miles
45 – 60 Minutes
1 2 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 (difficult)
same hilly route as Skyridge Rollercoaster (short and steep) only longer
5468 Steps
175 kcals
Skyridge Park
Kelsey Creek Farm

Begin this walk at Skyridge Park (see  Skyridge Rollercoaster for pictures and directions) don’t turn around at the Lake Hills Connector (LHC) but turn right instead and cross LHC at the opening, following the trail bollard to Kelsey Creek Park.

On the other side of LHC take the trail to the left and down into the woods.

You are now in the woodsy section of Kelsey Creek Park Farm. It is a well-kept trail and you are likely to meet PE students from the neighboring high school, dog walkers and other fitness enthusiasts moving their bodies on this popular route. It’s a nice shaded trail through the woods that I find especially cool and refreshing in the summertime.

At the T go left downward and follow the trail. When you get to the Y go right. At the next Y and trail bollard go right and climb the 166 steps. At the top of the steps turn right onto the gravel path and back to LHC where you will cross the street to get back to the Skyridge Rollercoaster. Be sure to turn right to get back into the patch of woods you came out of originally. If you go straight the trail bollard will lead you into a neighborhood and another walk all together.

dang those trees are big

This is a picture of my husband marveling at the height of some trees during a return trip on the Skyridge Rollercoaster. We enjoy this walk a lot, both the short and steep version when we’re looking for a fast work out and the extended version when we want a longer, more leisurely route. There are a number of routes that can be added to the Skyridge Rollercoaster—trips to Woodridge, Wilburton and The Botanical Gardens are three of my favorites but I will save them for other posts.

Walk on my friends.


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