A personal guide through Bellevue’s parks, trails and neighborhoods ~ on foot for fun and fitness

Or . . . How I fell in love with my spouse again and lost 10 pounds in the process

My name is Connie DeLaVergne and I created this site because the benefits of walking are positively life-changing. They really are! If you make walking a priority in your life, or even if you just walk frequently you can:

  • Live Longer
  • Feel Better
  • Get Connected
  • Be Happy

Eight years ago I began walking to get exercise, but it is more than that now. I love to walk because for me . . .

  • Walking is a form of entertainment — an enjoyable and healthy way to connect with friends and family.
  • The relationship with my husband has deepened since we started walking together — there’s more time and opportunity to talk.
  • It’s a great way to get to know my neighborhood; as well as the parks, trails and city where I live.
  • I am stronger and in much better shape since I started walking.

The walking routes I’ve posted on this site are some of my favorites and are, so far, the best walks I’ve found in Bellevue. It is recommended that people walk 10,000 steps (4 – 5 miles) a day as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Try these walks and you will love walking too!

My hope is to inspire you to walk and explore the great parks and trails in Bellevue, Washington—a beautiful and underutilized resource waiting to be experienced—10,000 steps a day.

Everybody needs to move their bodies regularly if they want to be healthy!

I strongly encourage you to try my walking routes. I’ve posted beautiful and challenging walks in many Bellevue neighborhoods for every level of fitness and each is timed and rated for difficulty. You have no excuse not to, so . . .

Walk on my friends.
Walk on!


(my story continued)

I live in Bellevue and have for most of my life. It’s a wonderful place to live and raise a family. Bellevue was once considered a suburb but is now a thriving metropolis. It has a downtown core, skyscrapers, a city park, public transit, curbside recycling and rush hour traffic—just like its older sister, Seattle.

Bellevue, however, is fresh and clean with wide streets and fewer crowds. There’s elbowroom in Bellevue and I feel safe on her downtown streets. If I were to name the one thing I like most about Bellevue, Washington, it would be her amazing parks and trail system!

Bellevue has that green thing going on—its natural environment has been preserved and is central to the high quality of life in The City of Bellevue.

Its planners must have had a vision because Bellevue boasts nearly 100 parks, a vast network of green spaces and over 60 miles of well-maintained trails (at the time of this writing in 2010).

Bellevue is an easy place to be active—to walk for health AND entertainment. That is why I’ve published these walking routes. I have been walking in Bellevue for the past eight years to improve my health and well-being and I have thoroughly enjoyed every footstep I’ve taken.

There are a variety of walking routes in The City of Bellevue and I want to share them with you because health is important and walking is a fabulous form of exercise that is FREE and FUN!

I am especially fond of the quiet woodsy trails in Bellevue but I also like the ones that get my heart rate going fast. Lately I like walks with many hills . . . and walks with views, walks near the water, or walks that intersect interesting neighborhoods. Sometimes I want to be around a lot of people and that’s when I’ll walk in and around the downtown core.

Where I choose to walk in Bellevue depends largely on my mood and the level of exertion I’m seeking. Time is often a factor as well and so I’ve discovered walking routes that are short and sweet, and walks that are short and steep. There are also marathon walks that I have taken with my husband which have provided a private (read: childless) opportunity to hash it out, if you will, and reconnect emotionally and spiritually when we’ve needed to.

I like to say, walking saved my marriage, and though that’s not entirely true, walking has helped me and my husband grow closer. It has provided an opportunity to focus undisturbed time and energy on each other. When we’re walking together there is no escape route—not a room to stomp out of nor a door to close shut. It’s uninterrupted quality time for the duration of our walk and if we need to we can keep walking and walking and walking until we reach an understanding.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Walking with my spouse is better than a date night on many levels—emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Walking is free and I always feel connected to my husband after going for a walk with him. One of our favorite activities is to look at people’s gardens and remodeling projects because of the inspiration it gives us for our own house.

My hope is that this site will inspire you to take regular walks in your neighborhood (and beyond) so that you, too, can improve the quality of your health and your relationships—not just with your spouse or partner and friends but with your parks, your community and your city at large.

My vision is to build a tribe of walkers that come together for support and encouragement and to share information that will help us live better, active lives and open our hearts while we exercise it. I see us meeting at various parks throughout Bellevue to enjoy a walking route together.Can you see it too?

I will be sharing my favorite walks and talks and thoughts through Bellevue’s parks and trail system on this site. I will include photographs, stories and quips with the hope of inspiring a strong and vibrant walking community in Bellevue and beyond.

Physical, spiritual and emotional health is a journey and like walking, it begins with forward movement, one foot at a time.

We can build strong and healthy walking communities and experience the benefits together. Please join me regularly and . . .

WalkOn inBellWA!

I will share my favorite walking routes in Bellevue, as well as those of my friends in blog posts, organized by districts. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts, experience, ideas, and suggestions. Tell me about your favorite walks, too, so I can check them out, even if they’re not in Bellevue. You never know when someone from this site will be in your neck of the woods . . . think of the walks we can share with our fellow travelers!

Can you imagine?

I’d love to learn about a little-known walk in Daytona . . . Lahaina . . . Chicago . . . St. George . . . Paris . . . Oslo . . . Santa Barbara. And Kirkland, Redmond,  Tukwila  or Tucson,  but in the meantime . . .

Walk on my friends.

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